We furnish feedback-management tools so you can devote
your time to building the products you know best.

Rachel’s website sells healthy and organic food. She’s become enamored with Zupa Noma Gazpacho-flavoured soups, and she’s sure her customers will be, too. But which flavours will customers like best? Before she invests heavily in inventory, she’ll ask them.

John, a Product Manager at a car rental company, just introduced a new feature in his website’s booking workflow. He wants to quickly measure how users are accepting the enhancement, so he’ll turn on a campaign, and then turn it off when he’s satisfied with the feedback he’s received. He’ll do this all this without a code push.

Hailey is a User Experience Researcher at an enterprise software company. She wants to observe how users interact with the company’s existing analytics tool so she can recommend improvements. Rather than travelling to observe users in formal usability tests, she’ll prompt them with carefully curated questions whenever they perform specific tasks, and then she’ll review the feedback remotely.

Joshua teaches at an educational organization where students learn code. At the end of his semester, he’ll survey his students about how well they liked his course and how he can improve in the future.

Turn Customer Insights into Action.

Provide a voice for your customers, partners, or internal teams

Listen to your users through our feedback-management loop. When you integrate feedback from different user flows, you’ll develop a complete picture of the user’s perspective.

Build what matters

Build consensus within your organization by eliminating ambiguity about your product roadmap. When you hear directly from your users, you’ll identify which features matter most. Over time, you’ll learn whether you’ve addressed their concerns.

Be at the right place at the right time

Prompt users at appropriate times. Perspective finds your users for you, and then our Contextual Feedback technique allows you to perform user experience and market research testing without talking to users or watching recorded sessions.

Drive adoption

Identify specific users who request features so you can engage them during a beta phase or following a launch. You’ll be able to target these users to drive new feature adoption and customer delight.

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